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Commonly Asked Questions

What to Expect From a Home Inspector

RE/MAX Allegiance strongly believes in the value of a thorough home inspection by a qualified professional. In fact, our purchase agreement includes a clause alerting our buyer clients of their right to engage a private inspector for added protection in the purchase of your home.

As a real estate company, we have learned that home buyers don't hesitate to follow through with the purchase of a home that has flaws. As long as the problems are identifiable and remediable, most home sales proceed as anticipated. We have also found that home inspections are very protective of sellers, preventing later legal action over defects that were undisclosed and unanticipated.

Home buyers who consider purchasing your home can expect that a private home inspector will charge around $350 (depending on size of property and/or complexity of the inspector's report).

RE/MAX Allegiance suggests that buyers select an inspector who can provide proof of membership in the American Society of Home Inspectors. Home inspection is presently a comparatively unregulated industry in many states, and ASHI-certified inspectors meet stringent requirements and abide by a sturdy Code of Ethics.

Inspectors should be able to quickly deliver (within one or two days) a written report.

Sellers should expect that a home inspection will yield practical returns. While you have had the opportunity to live in your home, and can see visible flaws for yourself, the practiced eye of a professional inspector can probably spot more, especially in areas not easily accessible to home buyer or real estate professional.

Possible Repairs

Home buyers don't usually hesitate to make necessary repairs to the home they're considering - they just want to know up-front what to expect, and how much money to plan on spending in their new home.

A buyer's choice to request a private home inspection protects your interests. The inspection assures you that the house you're selling is what it appears to be. And it alerts your home's buyer to the maintenance and repair the home will need as time goes on.

Problems Examples Cost Serious
  Heating, Cooling, Roofing, Plumbing $2,000-$5,000 Medium
  Insulation, Paint $500-$2,000 Minor
  Electrical Outlets, Kitchen Sink $100-$500 Minor

If no serious problems are found, inspection can pay off indirectly in maintenance tips and the assurance that the buyer is making a sound investment. And if the inspection unearths problems, both you and your home's buyer have varied options available for resolution. Ask your RE/MAX Allegiance listing agent to explain all the possibilities.